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Teach you to choose the details of the bathroom cabinet can not be ignored

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Bathroom cabinets should be wall-mounted, with high legs or with wheels, which can effectively isolate the moisture from the floor to the bathroom cabinet.

     1. To understand whether all metal parts have been treated with moisture-proof stainless steel or aluminum for bathroom cabinets, so that the resistance to moisture is strong.
     2. Before buying, it is necessary to check the opening degree of the cabinet hinge, which is 90 or 180. If the opening degree is 180, it is more convenient for you to pick and place items. The more precise the hinges, the tighter the cabinet door will be, and the less likely it is that dust will enter.
     3, if you need more storage space, it is best to choose a bathroom cabinet with more drawers, imitating the debris is more convenient (the partition effect will be better)
     4, in the selection of bathroom cabinet styles need to pay attention to whether to ensure the maintenance of the water pipe and the opening of the valve.
     5. Observe whether the appearance of the product is exquisite, flawed or defective. Such as the paint surface is poor, the surface is uneven, the lines are not straight, and the surface is rough.
     6. Observe whether the surface of the handle and other hardware is bright or not, such as stomata, burrs, silk lines, dull gloss, whitening, cracks, defects and unevenness.
     7. Observe whether the mirror surface is flat, whether the coating color is bright, whether there is distortion or distortion of the image.
     8. Observe whether the material of the product is the same as the real object. For example, the front and side of the solid wood are different. The texture of the non-solid wood product is continuous or the same, and all the bathroom cabinets, cabinets or door panels made of PVC material are used. The sides are holistic and there will be no obvious layers.
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