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Choose a cost-effective bathroom cabinet?

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The cost of the base material of the bathroom cabinet is about 60% of the total cost. In addition to the hardware and other processes, the overall price difference of the bathroom cabinet can reach 30% to 40%. At present, the popular bathroom cabinets on the market mainly include solid wood cabinets, glass cabinets and PVC bathroom cabinets. The price of solid wood bathroom cabinets is the highest, the price of glass materials is cheaper, and the price of PVC bathroom cabinets is the highest. Of course, these also depend on the brand.

      The price of the bathroom cabinet is linked to the material of the production. The cheaper bathroom cabinet may be made of lower grade, unfriendly wood, or the use of stone containing radiation, or lack of necessary configuration. Accessories, bathroom cabinets, the health of the human body, the convenience of use, etc. will have an adverse impact. Consumers should not be confused by low-cost and unqualified products when purchasing bathroom cabinets. After all, good substrate quality can be guaranteed. Therefore, when choosing a cost-effective bathroom cabinet, in addition to the price, you should also consider its performance. Only the two are good products with good cost performance.
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