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Affiliate Support

1. Franchise authorization: The company issues a franchise authorization for the franchisee.

2. Support policy
A. Brand support: The company provides free shop design and decoration plan to maintain the uniform image of Shama Sanitary Ware series and create a professional Shama brand atmosphere.
B. Channel support: In order to prevent disorderly competition, the company implements a unified store in the city, district or county, or a provincial-level general agent, independent expansion level and surrounding markets.

3. Propaganda support: The company will do a series of marketing programs for different festivals for the target consumer groups, and help the stores to increase sales. The company specializes in distributing gifts. The regional managers will visit the local market from time to time to help dealers. Do marketing and so on.

4. Management support: The company develops a unified management plan, and helps dealer sales personnel to train professional knowledge and sales knowledge from time to time to help agents improve their performance.

5, advertising support: TV advertising, bus advertising, magazine advertising, wall advertising, agents must first communicate with the regional manager to fill the advertising application form, handed over to the Shama bathroom marketing center for review, after the approval of the sale Businesses can serve ads. After completing the annual task, you can get 5% of the purchase of advertising support, offset the next year's payment.

6. Opening support: The company sent sales managers in the region to provide on-site guidance and assistance.
A. In the dealer's opening promotion activities, the company will carry out targeted promotion activities to improve the sales performance of the dealers.
B. The company will choose different styles as special models, do brand promotion, increase market share, crack down on products and increase sales.
C. At the beginning of the business, work with the franchisee to develop a detailed opening plan to assist in organizing the opening activities.
D. Headquarters provides professional resident counseling for joining, assisting in the sales of the switch and the training of the team.

7. Inventory recovery policy: When the dealer is in the process of operation, if the operation is stopped for special reasons (except for the company to withdraw the authority), the operator may apply for the inventory repurchase to the company. After the product is approved, the company will press the 70% of the price is recycled for samples and stocks, protecting investors' interests with maximum procedural procedures.

8. Special support: If the agent of our company has more than three years of sales, and the sales performance is stable, if the cash flow is difficult, you can submit the “first payment” protection (fill in the loan order), and the application cannot exceed 3 times. For 10,000 items, no more than two applications a year. Where the applicant is submitted, the company will send a commissioner to the dealer to investigate and verify, and then confirm that the goods can be released. The payment must be paid in full within 8 months after approval. If the application is submitted maliciously or not paid on time, the company has the right to cancel the agency and pursue legal liability unconditionally.

9. Training support: All-round system training before opening, you will get professional knowledge, management ability, and personnel quality can be quickly improved.
(1) Sales training for product knowledge, product evaluation, contract signing, and customer communication and service for the purchaser.
(2) Installer's installation skills, maps, maintenance training, and actual training in actual installation.
(3) Special training in store management, order management, customer service, etc.

10, Shama bathroom store layout
(1) Provide a full range of store design, construction program guidance and complete VI system
(2) Free installation of sample cabinets and utensils
(3) Full-time staff guides the exhibition hall to complete the software environment
(4) Preparation and arrangement of various items, signs, and styles required for operation.

11, promotion support
(1) Opening publicity: Combine the local market situation, consumer preferences, formulate detailed and strong promotion plans for opening promotions, and assist franchisees in implementing various marketing programs. To create a opening sensation for the franchise stores, so that the visibility can be quickly increased during the opening period.

12. Operational support
(1) Synchronous support for daily operations, providing various forms and texts required for daily standard operations.
(2) Unscheduled visits: Professional marketing personnel conduct irregular visits to franchisees, give guidance on marketing actions and sales strategies, assist franchisees in store management, and solve practical problems.
(3) Compilation and sharing of affiliated member marketing cases within the system.
(4) The assistance of daily large-scale marketing activities, the organization of activities and the support of personnel.
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