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1. China Certification Mark
10 years of professional precipitation, tens of thousands of users word of mouth
National standard brand, quality assurance
China's rising enterprise, consumers assured brand
Professional marketing team, innovative marketing model

Second, the company's development process
In 2005, our company set up the first small factory, specializing in the production and processing of bathroom hardware components.
In 2006, the factory production scale has been transferred from bathroom hardware components to the production of bathroom hardware products, and began to develop sales channels nationwide.
In 2007, the company's first sanitary hardware store was born in Chengdu, widely acclaimed, and its annual sales exceeded 10 million mark, becoming a well-known local supplier.
In 2008, the “Shama Sanitary Ware” brand was officially registered and established, laying the foundation for the comprehensive development of “Shama Sanitary Ware” independent brand.
In 2009, Kunming Company's bathroom hardware was established directly, and brought the Shama brand's creative products to the local market.
In 2010, the company began to plan the construction of “Shama Sanitary Ware” brand and began to recruit brand stores nationwide.
In 2011, the first sanitary hardware store of Shama brand was born in Xi'an. In the same year, the total number of national specialty stores increased to seven.
In 2012, the company's total number of dealers nationwide has exceeded 200, 5 in Southeast Asia, 2 in the Middle East, and 1 in Europe with annual sales of 50 million.
In 2013, the company turned to the whole bathroom. Based on the Shama sanitary ware brand, the products began to involve hardware products such as hardware, bathroom cabinets, toilets, bathtubs, squat pits, shower rooms, etc., and opened a new journey.
In 2014, the company moved its production base to Foshan City, Guangdong Province, to increase production capacity, improve product quality, and lay a foundation for the sustainable development of the Shama sanitary ware brand.

Third, product integration
Shama sanitary ware has complete products and more integration advantages, creating more profits for you.

Fourth, open the treasure chest
In-store business manuals, shopping guides, product manuals and many other sanitary marketing professional manuals, every business details of the bathroom store have rules to follow, can quickly and effectively learn to operate, accumulate experience.

Five, multi-dimensional bathroom design concept
Shama has a refined design team that absorbs the famous domestic designers to serve it, and is well versed in the design of fashion considerations. It pays attention to the functional concepts contained in the exquisite appearance and creates a convenient and comfortable bathing space.

Six, zero risk start
Low operating risk, high return on investment, coupled with quality products and sustainable exhibitions.

Seven, improve the service network
Continuously introduce new products to truly maximize the difference between brands. Avoid homogeneity products and ensure the market advantage and product advantages of franchisees.
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