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Brand Culture

Shama - inherit the faith, tasting craft!

Shama, Hebrew means: unique; it is the essence of Jewish civilization and craft culture since ancient times. Based on rigorous beliefs, the perfect craftsmanship is the goal; persistence in continuous innovation, continuous improvement, excellence, and originality.

Mission: Fall in love with Shama, fall in love with myself (let everyone who loves you, fall in love with Shama bathroom)
Vision: Passing on for centuries, world-renowned!
Innovation--knowing yourself, breaking through yourself, keep making progress
Integrity - acting as a person, just saying yes, not just saying no
Caring for love - love yourself as yourself, how do you want someone to treat you? How do you treat people first?
Excellence--Hezhongzhi is fearless to the saints, and the people are invincible in the world.
Adress:Shuikou First Industrial Park, Shuikou Town, Kaiping City, Guangdong Province
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